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Faith: Fact or Feeling?

Faith: Fact or Feeling?

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Fact or feeling: In a world that encourages us to “follow our heart,” the lines between what I should do versus what I want are easily blurred. The question could arise “what’s so bad about following my heart?” Well, in Jeremiah 17, it says that the heart is deceitful above all things, which begs the question, “how do we know if the of faith we are living is based on fact or feeling?”

What’s so bad about following my feelings instead?

fact or feeling

The problem with only following your feelings, is that they are subjective. What you may think is “good” or “right” differ from another person’s perspective. That leads to misunderstandings and disagreements, sometimes even arguments. The heart is such a tricky concept because anyone could feel deep down like one is right but in reality, be in the wrong. So now in this life of faith, what is the potential outcome if we only follow what we feel is right? We must learn to discern between fact or feeling.

History will always serve as a reminder and a teacher on many subjects, including this very subject I am writing about today. At the time when Jesus, the Messiah, carried out his ministry on the earth, there were those who opposed and actively blocked his work by spreading lies, making threats, and even using false testimonies to try and get him apprehended.

Who followed their feelings?

Who were these people? It was the very believers at that time, who had the Old Testament scripture. Romans 10 clearly explains that the Jews were zealous for God. They lacked the proper knowledge of the very scripture by which they claimed to live. They ignored the Word and killed the one who came as the light of the world, thinking God desired it.

All throughout the book of Acts we also see there are people who claim to live according to God’s Word, yet chased the apostles and missionaries across the world til they were all martyred for the Word that we so freely have In our hands today.

Fact AND Feelings

feelings are subjective

I am not saying that It is bad to meditate on the sacrifices and love that God and Jesus has both shown to mankind, because that is something we should always have in our mind. However, believers as a whole also need to be those who have the correct standard in our life of faith. The Bible, God’s Word, needs to be the very thing that one lives in accordance to, and hold as a manual for believers. Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than just reading, serving countless hours, and memorizing certain verses to accomplish what God has truly desired from His people.

Don’t use the Bible to fill the needs of an issue you are feeling in the moment. Use the Bible as a way to understand God’s heart and will. He has been trying to convey that to humanity for the past 6,000 years. Rather than a subjective point of view, believers must read it from the point of view of the Author.

Just as a director with their movie, or an artist with their paintings, until we know the true intention of their work, we could make inferences on what we THINK is the meaning. It isn’t until the they explain to the spectators, that one can understand more of the real intentions. In that same way, a believer must view that very Word which God has left us in the perspective of God. God is good and His Word is truth. It makes sense that His ways are higher than ours as the heavens are to the earth (Isaiah 55:8-9).

Growing in Faith

When we combine fact or feeling, then we can confidently walk on this path because we know the very Words of God which can lead us to eternal life. Let’s all grow In the grace and the knowledge of God the father, and Jesus Christ who He sent. Let’s grow in faith. Amen.